US 40; Gusher East Bound Passing Lane & Center Turn Lane


Burdick Materials

Project Type


Asphalt Paving



Owner:听Utah Department of Transportation
General Contractor:听Burdick Materials
Start Date: 10-18-2019
Completion Date: 10-05-2020
Subcontractors or Key Contractors:听BHI, B&K, Coughlin Companies,听
Materials Used and Quantities:

  • Granular Borrow = 79,000 Tons
  • Road Base = 37,000 Tons
  • HMA 26,475听TON
  • SMA =听9,746 Tons

This project included widening the existing US-40 through Gusher to include a center turn lane, additional eastbound passing lane, and acceleration/deceleration lanes at the major intersections. Burdick Materials added the center turn lane to improve safety through the town of Gusher. After widenings, the entire roadway was capped with SMA.

"This project will benefit the Uintah Basin for years to come by optimizing transportation for the traveling public along with helping to grow the economy and the oil industry. "

Troy Ostler - RE