C4 Mega Frack Pond


Burdick Materials

Project Type


Project Name: C4 Mega Frack Pond

Owner: EP Energy
General Contractor: Burdick Materials
Start Date: 2-1-2020
Completion Date: 3-15-2020
Materials & Quantities: Excavated 398,689 CY of dirt and rock


The dirt consisted of caliche hardpan layers with up to 3-foot size cobble rocks that were very abrasive on the equipment. With Burdick Materials’ ample resources of equipment and workforce within the CRH Companies, we provided this project with the right equipment and the right people to do this project successfully for all stakeholders involved with ZERO incidents.


This project had 45 days to completion deadline. Burdick Materials team was able to complete this project in 40 days on time and on budget for the Customer.